The Sargent Road Association is a not-for-profit organization located in Marion County, Indiana.


Our Mission

  • To foster the general improvement within the Mud Creek Valley Area.
  • To do everything necessary and proper in the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of our community.
  • To preserve the unique character and beauty of the environmentally sensitive Mud Creek Valley.
  • To ensure that the Mud Creek Valley shall continue to be an outstanding area in which to live.



Your Membership dues help us:

  • Provide a voice to local government on issues affecting our community.
  • Preserve our environment and natural beauty.
  • Assure responsible residential and commercial development.
  • Monitor street drainage and erosion controls.
  • Seek appropriate street repairs and signage maintenance.
  • Stand ready as a unified neighborhood organization to monitor proposed changes that affect us all.
  • Support the efforts of SRA Groups of Service.
  • Organize an annual spring roadside clean-up project.
  • Support and coordinate with other area neighborhood associations on subjects of mutual interest, such as drainage, density, etc.
  • Inform association residents of issues and activities through a periodic newsletter.